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Call our Toll Free number 1-902-877-0087 to make a reservation.

Atlas Taxi And Limo is offering better service than Airporter. Airporter Service is not a good option anymore. Here are few very important reasons you want reserve Atlas Cab, rather then going through the trouble of using Airporter.

Atlas picks from your home – Airporter : You wait outside the hotel

Airporter has fixed pick-up and drop off locations. Unless you live very near to that location, you will have to travel to the pick up point. Atlas Taxi will only a little more money will actually pick up from your location. We serve Halifax, dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville and Cole Harbour Areas, all for $45.

If you factor in the amount of time you may have to wait for an airporter shuttle at the pickup point, does not it makes sense to hire Atlas Cab so that you dont have to wait out side hotel for shuttle ?

Atlas takes you directly – Airporter walks you the whole city

Also one the same point Airporter will take you to the Airport at fixed time, it will follow its own route , that pretty much covers so many hotels in Halifax and Dartmouth. Why do you want to use them and go through all the trouble of visiting so many pickup points.

The whole tour may take upto two hours to get to the airport , which only takes 25-30 mintes in case you use Atlas.

Airporter : There is no guarantee you will get a seat.

This has burnt others when they waited outised a hotel on a cold evening only to find that Airporter Shuttle was allready filled with other pessengers from previous pick up points. and there was not enough room to fit the pessengers from this prick up point.

Airporter charge 40$ for a couple, Atlas is way better with only 5$ more

Airporter will charge a family of two adults nearly 40$. With Atlas offering its $45 trip to Airport, it does not makes sense to use Airporter.

In all, for just a few dollars more, you are better with Atlas Taxi And Limo. Its a no-brainer. Call our Toll Free number 1-902-877-0087 to make a reservation.

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